Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Once Upon A Prince - Book Review

I had the pleasure of reading Rachel Hauck's Once Upon a Prince . It was a quick, easy read. I loved every minute of it. While it was a bit predictable, it was fun and full of twists and turns.

Once Upon A Prince is the first novel in the Royal Wedding series. The Christian romance novel  follows the hearts of a Prince Nathaniel and Susanna Truitt. The ups and downs, ins and outs, distance and love make this a fun read that keeps you hoping things go well.

Rachel Hauck does a great job of keeping the novel upbeat. It is well written and very easy to read. It would make a great beach or pool read. In my case it was a great change of pace from the intense drama and history books I had just finished up. It was uplifting and romantic. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the Royal Wedding Series.

Disclaimer -  I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. The opinions stated above are my own.   

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Solar System

I think the solar system unit was one of the kids favorite.

We started the unit by putting the planets (and sun) on the wall so they could visualize the solar system.

Then we sang the planets in order while pointing to them on the wall. Within a few days they were singing it themselves and can point to the planets when you ask! Amazed! 

We did some work on ordering the planets with flashcards.

We did some coloring, cutting and pasting of each of the planets in order while we read about them in the books we checked out from the library.

We did some writing and cutting work with the planets as well.

Little Miss did some math work, while Mister Man was napping.

We made rocket ships to place on the wall.

The kids loved the planets, you can find the resources we used on our Solar System Pinterest Board. This unit led into our unit on Earth, which we are doing right now.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

All About Our Bodies

Bodies was a fun unit. We focused on both the functions of our bodies as well as how to keep ourselves healthy.

We started the unit with an outline of our bodies.

We did some worksheets about ourselves and talked about how we are the same and different.

We talked about how food travels through our bodies and how our bodies breakdown the food and drinks.

We checked out a ton of books from the library and the kids had fun looking through and reading them all.

We used some fun sheets from Choose My Plate to discuss what our meals should have and why. We also tracked what foods we ate and which food group they belonged to. We talked about healthy v. non-healthy foods and why we eat healthy foods.

We also talked about exercise. We found our heart rate and then jumped around and found it again. The kids thought this was amazing!

One day on the way home from the store, Mister Man asked if I had any medicine for him at home. I proceeded to tell him he didn't need any medicine he was healthy. To which he responded, "I'm not healthy, I'm not a vegetable or fruit." Well I think they got most of the point of the lessons. :)

You can find the resources we used as well as some other ideas we didn't get to to on our Body Pinterest Board.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ucky Bugs

I will admit, aside from the ladybug and an occasional worm, I do not like bugs in the least. So doing a bug lesson with the kiddos was not my favorite idea, but they love them so on to bugs we went.

We started out the lessons with a few crafts. We made ladybugs,

Worms (pipe cleaners and beads),

Caterpillars (pom poms)

And butterflys.

All of the crafts were accompanied by readings from many books we picked up at the library.

We did some worksheets and measuring as well.

A lot of our time was spent outside searching for worms, roly polys, caterpillars, butterflys and ladybugs. They were quite successful and had a blast. In fact one afternoon at the park, they were not in the least interested in the play area, they wanted to chase after the large ants on the sidewalk....

We spent some time watching a great youtube video that follows a caterpillar to butterfly transformation. The kids were in awe the whole time.

I think a lot was learned and the hands on part was the best. You can view more of the materials we used on my pinterest board.

We are talking about our bodies, per Little Miss' request now. I'll post more on that soon!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dinosaurs and Creation Week

Dinosaur and Creation week was a lot of fun. The kiddos are very interested in dinosaurs so keeping their attention wasn't as difficult for these lessons.

We used our dinosaur collection and some flashcards I printed from Over The Big Moon to learn about the different parts of the dinosaurs.

We did some worksheets from Over The Big Moon, Kids-Dinosaurs and 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

We read Genesis Creation in their Children's Bible and talked about what God created on each day.

I made Little  Miss' lapbook from a multitude of sources which you can find on my Pinterest board.

We also did some sorting, counting and playing with the dinosaurs.

We read quite a few books on dinosaurs and if we had the right dinosaur in our collection we were matching it to the book as well.

Overall a good week. I didn't go into as much of creation as I had hoped so we will touch on that again here soon!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Noah's Ark, Rain and Rainbows

I took a little break from blogging while life became a whirlwind. While I endured the craziness, I realized how much I missed blogging about the fun things we are doing with Little Miss and Mister Man. So, now that things have slowed down a bit, I am back!

While I wasn't blogging, we were still learning at home, although I must admit, not nearly as organized as I hope to be again. But we finished up the alphabet, both kiddos now know all their letters and Little Miss is reading! So very big steps in a few months!

Last week, we talked about Noah and the Ark, as well as rain and rainbows, since they seemed fitting within the context.

Both kiddos loved the work we did, and had fun singing songs as well.

We started by reading the story of Noah in our Children's Bible.The kids love this bible. The stories are illustrated so wonderfully and the stories are written in an easy to understand format.

We used the animals from Learning 4 Fun, and added them to a rainbow cutout to show the animals under the rainbow. The kids thought this was really fun. Mister Man is into anything that involves scissors or glue and Little Miss loves art projects in general.

Mister Man did a great job sequencing the story and coloring the pictures from Ministry-To-Children.

We also did a few of the worksheets from Teaching Heart. They each did a few different sheets, but Mister Man really surprised me with his ability to count and locate the correct written number to match. I expected to have to help him more with this task and he did it almost entirely on his own!

They practiced counting by twos with a fun activity from Bible Based Homeschooling. They both did pretty well with this.

And just counting in general. There were so many great activities in the Bible Based Homeschooling Noah's Ark Mega Pack!

We did the letter assessment rainbow with do-a-dot markers. These were from a great letter pack that has a large number of themed letter assessment printouts from 2 Teaching Mommas. I knew Little Miss was way past this exercise, but it was good practice for letter sounds as well. I would make the sound and she found the letter. Mister Man I was trying to see how many of the letters he was comfortable with. Come to find out it was most of them. 

We did a rain activity with water, shaving cream and food coloring. It was a fun experiment that kept the kids attention so much they wanted me to leave it on the counter so they could look at it all day.

They put together their own Noah's Ark Story Mini Book, which they loved creating. Little Miss is very into putting together books so this was a perfect project for her.

I made them both a lapbook filled with fun activities. There were a ton of other printouts we used from the above sites and you can see more ideas on my pinterest page.  I found things that would work in the lapbook from a mix of sites including rainbow and rain ideas as well.

Overall a good lesson on Noah's Ark. We are now talking about Creation and the Dinosaurs. More on that soon!

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